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Economic Articles
A Glimpse into a Better Future
Date : April 25, 2013

Adnan Bin Hussein Mandura
There is nothing on the horizon brighter than the future of information technology (IT), particularly in an era in which western countries exceeded time limits, working in a constant quest to develop and enhance their economic potentials.
Continuous Quests and Permanent Efforts
Date : April 22, 2013

Saleh Abdullah Kamel
The act of enabling the private sector to play larger roles in the national development and allowing it to carry on many different economic and social activities entails the Jeddah Chamber, as it takes care of interests of business owners, to exert further effort to enhance its performance and to improve the investment environment to contribute to overall development objectives. It initiates the ideas and suggestions and adopts pioneer initiatives that aim to promote economic development and to eliminate obstacles facing business sector.
Pioneer in Excellence
Date : April 19, 2013

Adnan Bin Hussein Mandura
National tourism comes to be a key economic driver of national economy development for its social importance in parallel with its economic weight. Socially, It is connected to the society cohesion. Economically, it offers various recreational events and activities that boost and promote the city vital sectors services like trade, hotel and services sectors.
Jeddah’s Merchants Chair
Date : February 3, 2013

Mazin Bin Mohammed Batarji
The board of directors members at the Jeddah Chamber adopted the idea of setting up Jeddah’s Merchants Chair, that aims to motivate communication with business community and relevant government officials in order to discuss business significant issues. The idea of the “Jeddah’s Merchants Chair” is inspired from Merkaz, where people in the past meet to discuss issues and problems, communicate and strengthen ties and relations between families and resolve disputes and conflicts between families or neighbors.
Global Economy: Many Dilemmas
Date : January 5, 2013

Mazin Bin Mohammed Batarji
The multilateral trading system in a multi-polar is struggling since the actual support for the collective action became negligent. The world needs a renewed and stronger commitment from all Governments to revitalize the multilateral trading system that can restore economic certainty at a time when it is badly needed. The World Trade Organization (WTO) predicted a growth by 4.5 percent in the global trade volumes in 2013 that it would remain below than 5.4 percent rate that had emerged as the average growth figure over the past two decades.
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