Bupa Arabia unveils a game changer in healthcare industry


Technological advancements have shaped the world as we know it. As a matter of fact, successful customer experience has to keep moving apace current and ever-changing digital trends to accommodate to client needs. In particular, the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia has been witnessing a digital evolution. Among the first who have adopted technology as their ethos and are pioneers in the industry are Bupa Arabia. There is no doubt that time is the most valuable resource and by understanding this, Bupa Arabia has launched an exceptional game changer, an all-new e-commerce platform that answers to the needs of small enterprises and the Saudi Family by allowing them to procure a health insurance product anytime, anywhere and within minutes of starting the purchasing process.

Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia, said: “The E-Commerce is yet another example of how Bupa Arabia utilizes technological advancements to provide the utmost comfort to our members. We have carefully crafted the first e-channel in the Kingdom to ensure that users can buy their health insurance online in a user-friendly and convenient manner with no necessary paperwork. The new service is currently available for business with up to 10 employees and to Saudi families as we continue to expand our range of delivery to meet the growing demand in Saudi Arabia.”

The online healthcare insurance channel is a true game changer for the industry. It enables small businesses and families to shop, navigate and purchase their policy with a seamless journey accessible anytime, anywhere. It also keeps users aware of each product’s details and grants them full online exchange of documents. Prospects can fill their members’ list online, share medical declarations, get a quotation, sign contracts and pay fully online all from the comfort of their home. Members can also engage in a live chat available when and where needed, next to the ease of fast activation at the end of the journey. Users can similarly reach out to customer service representatives at all times by visiting Bupa Arabia’s website: www.bupa.com.sa

Saudi Gazette
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