How to start Exporting?
This section aims to support the Saudi Exports Program through the provision of the information.

In the event it was agreed to sell the product between the seller (the exporter) and the buyer (importer), the seller must issue a commercial invoice issued as part of the sale process. The commercial invoice is a document issued by the seller to the buyer stating the name, type, quantity and value of the items sold.

The issuance of the certificate of origin

After the agreement on the sale and issuance of the commercial invoice, the seller must obtain a certificate of origin of the shipment. The certificate of origin document is used in international trade to prove that the product exported was produced in the concerned country. Note that the certificate of origin is issued in Saudi Arabia, through the Ministry of trade and Industry.

Additional approvals to export requirements

Some products may require additional approvals for export of local bodies and that based on the requirements of the local customs or foreign customs, and although there are products that do not require all of these approvals except that each source that is achieved before the product is exported. Examples of products that require additional approvals for food, wild animals, wheat, petroleum products and mineral wealth, medical drugs, agricultural machinery and equipment, effects, gas cylinders filled.

Proof of Payment

A proof of payment should be presented to prove that the buyer will pay for the shipment. The proof of payment may be in the form of bank transfer or letter or any form of documentary proof. In the case of deferred payments, The exporter must acknowledge this in a letter to the Customs stating that he will provide proof of payment within a certain timeframe once the payment is received from the exporter.

Insuring the Shipment

Although insurance is an optional step (unless it was part of the agreement), it is recommended that the source of insurance on consignment in case of any accidents or damage to or loss with reliable insurance company, and often the cost of insurance is calculated based on the value Item, taking into account the country of import and a means of transportation. In some agreements of sale between the seller and the buyer or at the international trade terms (INCOTERMS) insurance is a mandatory requirement. In the event of failure to comply with the requirements of this agreement by the issuer, it may lead to delay or ignore the buyer to pay for it at the source must be mastered well in terms of international trade agreed with the buyer, which in turn determine the ownership of the item during the export process, and the responsibility of claim in the amount of insurance in the event of any damage or loss.

Booking the Shipment

In this step the shipment will be booked with a carrier which will deliver the shipment to its destination. Based on the booking, ground transportation contractors can transfer of containers on behalf of the exporter to the loading site to be shipped by the designated carrier.

Load cargo in the container

In the case of shippingthe products using shipping containers, the exporter will be required to load the containers with the shipment. After booking the shipment, the containers will be received by the shipper.

After loading the shipment in the container, the exporter must issue a packingstatement, which is a document that contains details of the goods, number and weight. Note that the packing statement should be submitted to Saudi Customs in Arabic.

Receive a statement from the carrier

The carrier shipping lines equip the ship and details of the shipment of containers that will be on board this ship statement, and then be sent to the statement by (Saudi EDI), so the issuer must send cargo carrier details to be entered in a statement the ship, as it must contain details of the shipment on name and address of the source, and the importer's name and address, as well as the details of the item, Knuaha, and quantity, and weight. In the event of the termination of the carrier ship statement, the statement issued by the consignment to the source, which in turn provided to customs for clearance. So be sure to provide all the details of the shipment to the carrier before the seven days of the arrival of the ship at the port of departure, otherwise it will be difficult to catch up with the arrest of a ship shipment, are deferred shipment to be coming on board the ship.

Presentation of the documents to the Customs Clearance Officer

Once the waybill is obtained, the exporter sends this statement as well as other shipping documents to the Customs Clearance Officer, to start the customs clearance procedures.

Note that the Saudi Customs requirements for customs clearance are the following; the commercial invoice, certificate of origin, and the statement of the shipment in Arabic and certified by one of the branches of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

, so that it is certified by one of the branches of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

It the exporter is dealing with the clearance officer for the first time, he should issue him a letter of authorization and provide him with a copy of the trade license to enable him to carry out his duties and clear the shipment.

Custom Clearance

After all the documents are checked and verified by the customs, the customs clearance is issued where the shipment is authorized to enter the port while being ready for inspection. After the inspection process, the customs statement will be issued and the shipment will be considered as complaint with the customs requirements. Then, the customs clearance officer will use the customs statement to enable the shipping company to load the containers into the ship.

Sending the Shipment Notification to the Importer

In this step, the Shipment Notification should be sent to the importer to notify him that the shipment has been mobilized.

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